ACREAGE MOWING SERVICE Complete Affordable Lawn Care Maintenance
Rough Cut Tractor Slashing Long and overgrown grass and/or weed control on domestic and commercial properties.
Slope Mowing and Slope Slashing Operating both vertically and horizontally up to 30 degrees complying with WH&S Act, Regulation and Codes of Practice and yielding an average of 2000 square meters an hour.
Ride On Mowing Acreage or large block areas with throw cuts, we do not remove clippings.
Hand Mowing Small area cuts inaccessible to ride on mowing.
Hand Slashing Long grass cutting to areas inaccessible to lawn mowers.
Whipper Snipping Small area Edging to driveways and pathways.
Hedging Small area trimming of shrubs and hedges.
Weed Control Selectively target and control a range of weeds in turf.
Back Pack Spraying Small areas for weed, pest and fertilising.
Boom Spraying Acreage or large areas for weeds, pest and fertilising.
Pest Control Selectively target and control pests in turf.
Fertilising Promote healthy leaf and root systems in turf.
Coring Aerating (Coming Soon) Allows oxygen and nutrients to the soil and root systems by removing small plugs from the turf.
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